What Makes Shopify Great For eCommerce Newcomers?

One of the most shocking piece of information I found out while searching and reading different eCommerce guides, training and tutorials is how advanced they are.

Many point out how you should be using WooCommerce, or some other self hosted solution. While others claim you need $2,000 per month platform to really make, and finally others say everything should be custom.

Which is fine, the problem is when articles start to rip on other options. The fact is that there are so many options for a reason. Internet, thankfully, is a free market where demand is fufilled with supply.

You can argue that internet creates demand as well, or more people using it, but at the end it is the need to solve problmes that drives it all.

So while every popapular oprion out there has it merits, if it didn’t it would be popular. The bottom line is this:

WooCommerce – is a great plugin, and if you’re into coding or learning the ins and out of it, either WooCommerce or coding in general, than its a great solution for you.

Just know that it will take time and effort to set it all up. WooCommerce is no for people that want to get up and go.

Expensive Platforms –  again this is great for the people it was created for. If you’re just starting out and plan to have a few items in the store and need it quick and simple, chances are, you will not dish out $2,000 per month for it.

In fact, you shouldn’t, unless you know what you’re talking about. Once again, a great solution for the people.

Go Custom? This is probably the best solution, if you’re a coder and have tons of time on your hand and are crafting a masterpiece store.

Or don’t want to make money for the next 2 year or so.

I kid, but recommending custom solution for regular or people just starting out is out of the question. Again, this is can and is a great option but for people or business that need it.

So what do I recommend? As you might have guessed it by the title, it is Shopify. I think it is the best way for people to start with ecommerce without spending more money or time they need to.

It has the benefits of expensive platform of having functionality or big ecommerce store, with ease of use simple platform, and is not overlly expensive to get started with.

Does it have any drawbacks? Well yes, you’re not going to build the next Amazon out of it but than again why would you.

If you want to get started with Shopify, I recommend checking out my updated eCom Success Academy review: eCom Success Academy Review, Case-Study, and Bonus (2018 Update)

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