CryptoSuite Review and 3 Ways To Profit With Luke’s System

On top of the automation features, CryptoSuite by Luke Maguire offers 3 way you can earn money with it. Best thing? You can start seeing returns today and not in 6 months or so.

cryptosuiteCreator: Luke Maguire
Product Type:  Cloud-based Software Suite
Niche: Cryptocurrency
Price: $37-$247
Official Website:  Click Here

So What Is CryptoSuite Anyway?

It’s a cryptocurrency software suite that combines that automation of processes that crypto experts do daily with legit methods to earn money from cryptos without investing a fortune.

Let’s take a look at the members area to explain these better.

The home dashboard consist of a quick overview of the market cap, coins, training volume on the top. As well as more detail on the 5 top coin and biggest gainers as well as loser of the particular day.

For example, Hedge (HDG) coin went from $1.14 to $3.35 in the last 24 hours. That’s an impressive 192.23% gain in a single day.  There are also coins that do even better but about that later.

The right sidebar is navigation menu for rest of the crypto suite. I’ll go over each one briefly to give you an idea of what it is before getting to more details.

  • Home: this is the main dashboard that I described above
  • Crypto Markets: the latest crypocurrency orices, market cap, volumes and changes. There are also option to sort it all.
  • Alerts: Alerts about new coin (profit possibilities), as well as alerts based on your own preferences and conditions.
  • Arbitrage: Live listing of exchanges and their prices so you can buy at lower price and sell at higher in real-time.
  • Portfolio: easy way to see your cryptocurrency portfolio value, costs and profits from all of the exchanges in one place.
  • ICO Calendar: Calendar of live, past, and upcoming ICOs (initial coin offerings) before they hit the marker. Another profit potential.
  • Wallets: List of best walletes to store your cryptocurrencies
  • Favorites: Detail information about your favorite coins.
  • Training Videos: Over-the-shoulder videos on everything about crypto suite, as well as bitcoin, alt-coins, wallets, buying and selling on exchanges and icos.
  • Facebook Group: private FB group for members only that includes additional support as well as cryptocurrency topics as they happen.
  • Support: ticket-based support for technical stuff. Quite quick.
  • News: The latest news about bitcoin and other crypots as it happens.

As you can see this cryptocurrency collection includes real-time information about cryptos, training, a community of liked-minded people and ways to profit. Let’s take a closer look at  them now.

Real-Time Information

With markets, alerts, calendar, portfolio and news you get all of the information in one place.

Most of people that are into cryptos need at least 2 or 3 apps to get that, and time is money.

Video Training

I’ll be honest, I was impressed with the quality of the videos and Luke Maguire’s knowledge about cryptocurrencies.  He seems like one of the few gurus that understands the crypto space and doesn’t just put out product because its popular.

If you want more training and detail recommedantion check out my Palm Beach Confidential review now.

Community of Liked-Minded People

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to all of this or are a seasoned crypto expert, you need to be part of a community.

It allows you to now only ask questions and get quick response from Luke’s team or members, but also learn about opportunities that only happen in a group setting.

3 Ways To Profit With CryptoSuite

Finally, let’s get to the good stuff. How can you start making money within the next week? Next day? How about next hour?

Way 1: The Quick Arbitrage Gains

The Arbitrage part of the system gives you the ability to start earning money by buying bitcoin from one  exchange and selling it on another

It includes real-time comparison chart for active bids and asks on 9 major exchanges with percentage of gains.

Most other tools and services just give you the average price, while crypto arbritage you get the exact prices you could buy or sell at that exact moment.

Best part? There are plenty of opportunities that can earn you 2% to 12% with just one trade.

Way 2: 100% to $200% Per Day gains

I mentioned this already with the Hedge coin, but let’s take it a bit further.

For example from my experience there are always 3 to 6 counts in the top gainers that are at least 100% to 200% up in the last 24 hours.

There are times when a coin might be a 1000% or even 9000% in that period, but I want to stick to what’s possible on a daily bases.

If we go back to the hedge example and you invested $100 into it yesterday, you would have $292.23, or $192.12 profit on top of the initial investment today.

Way 3: Getting In Before Everybody Else

Since I got into cryptocurrencies one of my favorite parts was initial coin offerings (ICO). It’s when you’re able to invest into a coin before it hits the public.

Thanks to this you usually get a much lower prices on top of bonuses. How much lower? Ethereum, second biggest cryptocurrency cost $0.14 on ICO stage. Now its around $400, and it peaked at around $1,400.

How about investing into Bitcoin and other major coins?

The State of The Crypto Market and Its Potential

Now the above methods are a good way to get started earning with cryptos. If done correctly, top earners and arbitrage can give you daily profits and ICOs have gains in 2 to 6 months.

However, the real money in cryptocurrencies is still in long-term investing.  In this violate market? What am I talking about, right?

Despite Bitcoin hitting $6k and Ethereum $300, both of these are up 400% since last year.

In fact Bitcoin was $1,158.57 on April 6th, 2017 and today it’s at $6,626.19.  that’s a 472% increase.

Ethere is doing even better as it was $41.75 on April 6th, 2017  and now it’s at $370.19 today. Which is a 787% gain in 12 months.

As you can see, even witha  down market you still would be profitable by almost 500% with Bitcoin and almost 800% with Ethereum.

However, these are not the only coins that big gains. In fact, the market cap has increased from almost 10x since last year.

  • Market Cap for cryptos in April 2018 is $259,561,517,273
  • Market Cap for cryptos in April 2017 was $26,183,745,930
  • Market Cap for cryptos in April 2016 was $8,193,634,114
  • Market Cap for cryptos in April 2015 was $4,066,547,172

As you can see despite ups and down cryptocurrency market has been gaining value with every year. In fact, just last year went up by 891%

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if the market gained another 800% by April 2019.

Review of CryptoSuite In 2018

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned crypto expert, thought about buying coins, or are a complete new to the space, Crypto Suite has something for everyone.

In fact, if you’re just starting out you’ll have everything you need in one place for maximum efficiency and profit.  And as yuo saw above there is a lot of it.

In fact, Luke Maguire said he made more money with cryptocurrencies in 2017 than with his regular businesses. I actually tripled my income thanks to investing into coins.

And while this is not investment advice, I believe 2018 will be no different. So grab CryptoSuite and get started.

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