CryptoCurrency Codex Review – How To Capitalize In 2018

The Crypto Currency Codex by Cryptocurrency Institute is out and the verdict is in. Check out my review below to see how it is.

2018: A Year For Cryptocurrencies?

crypto currency codexLet’s not kid ourselves, 2018 did not have the best start for cryptos. Bitcoin fell to low $6,000 from a high of nearly $20,000 and the whole marker last fell from almost $600 billion in mid December to below $400 billion in early February.

The media had a field day and called it the death of Bitcoin, and all the other altcoins on daily bases. Something they have done every time bitcoin would dip.

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However, what do you do when you see such things? Run and sell or hodl (hold on for deal life). Maybe you knew someone that sold at a lost, or maybe even you did it.

Now we know that the right thing was to indeed hold, as Bitcoin is hovering at $10,000 and the whole market has started to recover.

What if I told you is that most serious cryptocurrency investors knew exactly what was happening. In fact, it the same thing has happened almost every year around the same time.

As you can see below?

cryptocurrency institute

The only difference between 2018 dip and her ones before was the media coverage. Which I predict is slowing down the recovery, but about that later.

The important part is that this was a normal part of cryptocurrency cycle and so is the future.

Each of dips has most of the time follow an exponentiation growth. For example Bitcoin went from $1,185 on January 5th to $760 on January 12th. That’s over 35% dip in a week.

What did Bitcoin do next? Sore to almost $20,000 the same year. Not too shabby, right?

Now this year is a bit different as I said previously. Mostly because negative media, attack from the banks and institutions.

However, cryptos proved to be more resilient than anything else on the market. The game is changing, and what do you do if you can beat it? You join it.

That’s all I can say for now, but you should watch cryptos currency closly in 2018 as this is the year everything will change.

Inside Crypto Currency Codex

Once you’re part of a group, a system or even a newsletter dealing with cryptocurrencies, everything changes.

You stat being on the inside and learning about news, updates and so on quicker than the general population.

On top of that you get actual strategies on how to get started with cryptos quickly and effectively.

Crypto Currency Institute’s Cryptocurrency Codex is such system. And while I’m still testing it before writing a full review so far it seems like a great entry point.




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