BNB Formula Review – Earn With AirBnB without a Property?

Do you have 30 to 90 days to build a real online business? If so you want to check out what is possible with AirBnB and the BNB Formula in less than 3 months.

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No Property? No Problem with BNB Formula

Most of us heard about AirBnB, the popular website where people can list, find and rent lodging in over 191 countries.  If fact with 1,500,000 listing there is a good chance you might even know someone that is currently offering their apartment or even spare room on the site.

I actually learned about the site from a guy who was offering logging my  apartment building I live in for $150 per night. Not bad considering he could rent it for one week per month and live rent free.

bnb formulaHowever, at that point I have not realized you could potentially make 6 or even 7 figure per month with AirBNB. In fact, it wasn’t until I learned about Brian Page and his BNB Formula that really opened my eyes to the potential.

Best part? You don’t even have to rent your own apartment or house to. You can simply rent other people’s property for risk free income.

Brian Page includes the whole strategy, even forms and legal documents, on how to turn anyone’s property into cash cow. All you do is follow the 7 steps:

airbnb formulaStep 1: Prep –  Prepare your new business venture with AirBNB
Step 2: Partner – partner up with landlords, housekeeping and etc.
Step 3: Locate – find your first AirBnB renting.
Step 4: Stage – prepare the property
Step 5: List – put it on AirBnB
Step 6: Launch – get it live
Step 7: Automate – put the rest of process on autopilot and repeat

As you can see above the process itself is rather simple ad straight foward. There is no hacks, loopholes or mysterious on how you actually will be making money with the AirBnB Formula.  However, Brian Page, who is a veteran AirBnB earbner, has perfected the process to minimize the time and money need to be profitable.

In fact, if follow the 7 steps and watch the weekly coaching calls you will break even within 30 days, be profitable in 60 and start earning significant income in 90 days on each property you start. Not bad for something you can on your days off.

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So What Do You Get With BNB Formula?

The whole Formula includes:

  • 7 Steps – the exact blueprint Brian Page to earn with AirBnB
  • 8 Weeks of live Coaching – live weekly webinars with Brian to go over each step of the blueprint (there will be recordings)
  • Documents – fill in the blank landlord letter and other legal documents.
  • Interviews with Experts – learn from 7 figure  earner on Airbnb
  • Infographics – templates to make your website/listing look professional
  • Forum – talk with the Brian and other BNB Formula members.
  • Lifetime Access and Updates – not only do you get lifetime access to the entire course, but any updates and upgrades as well.
  • Property Profit Calculator – Brian’s calculating software that will let you know much you can potentially earn on each property you want to rent.

property profit calculator

My BNB Formula Bonus

bonusBrian included tons of bonuses inside the members area that including his “Tip of the Day” and “Deep Dive” video series where he shows you how he does all of the prep and setup live.

However, I wanted to something even more with my own bonus to help you achieve that success ever faster.  This includes:

  1. Help with finding your first property to rent.  I’ll actually research a property you can use and give you sources where to find more
  2. Help you with the website design and branding. After being in the industry for some time I know my way around creating and outsourcing.
  3. Promote Your Listing and Website! My main source of income for the past few years is doing online promotions and ranking website in the the search engines.  If you buy BNB Formula using any of the link on this site, I’ll do rank and promote your website/listening (something i would charger up to $5,000) for free.

As you can see if you get the BNB Formula together with my bonus you can’t fail. So what are you waiting for?

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